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EnergyDNA is a unique Energy Advisory and consulting firm offering a range of specialist services and products that have been developed specifically to assist the business community in reducing their energy usage and consumption.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, EnergyDNA was founded in 2013 in response to a widespread misunderstanding when it comes to energy – unfortunately, we found that many businesses simply didn’t understand energy and were being locked into high cost energy plans that reduced their profitability for absolutely no gain. Here at EnergyDNA we do understand energy and we believe that if consumers are able to better understand energy then they can make more intelligent energy decisions.

At Energy DNA we take the guesswork out of your energy usage and develop a cost effective strategy that places your business on the optimum plan for your unique energy requirements. Through this service, Energy DNA has been able to, on average, save businesses 10 per cent on their electricity bill.

For more information on the services we offer, please contact our friendly team.

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    Bill Analysis

    Want to pay less on your energy bill? Our team are specialists at analysing energy bills and can find savings of up to 20%

    Voltage Regulation

    With the installation of an EnergyMate system, we can reduce your total energy consumption by upwards of 15%

    Demand Management

    Get the most out of our energy usage with demand management, let one of our friendly team help you start saving today
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