Business Advisor looking at documents with client

Business Advisory at Argentum Ligno

What is it?  It seems like a term thrown around by almost anyone who doesn’t fit a niche. Most accounting firms seem to offer this service, yet it is tied almost exclusively to financing and numbers. Business coaches and mentors loosely apply business advisory to their list of services, which further confuses the market on its purpose. 

So, let me demystify ‘Business Advisory’ for you: 

  • It must have a strong focus on strategising the success and growth of a firm. 
  • It must identify weaknesses and create actions to overcome them. 
  • It must identify opportunities and capitalise on them. 
  • It must examine previous trends and combine them with forecasts.
  • It must be results driven

It’s achieved with great questions and deep analysis of your firm and your stakeholders. The best business advisors are the generalists who have a wealth of experience across multi-disciplinary industries. Their depth of experience matters, as does their deep critical thinking and their network.   

Services include:

  • Risk Consulting – the alignment of a firm’s strategy and culture to drive business value and protect financial and reputational assets. 
  • Management Consulting – the creation of new and better strategies, systems and processes.  The development of new products, market expansion, and revised business models. 
  • Transaction and Restructuring – Merger and Acquisition activities and support. In some cases, they assist with divesting assets for the purpose of growth or lack of performance. 

Why should a business owner adopt business advisory services? 

  1. Clarity and Direction – Strategy 
  2. Additional Revenue – Growth
  3. Retain Employees and Clients – drive organisational culture 
  4. Greater Business Efficiency 
  5. Overcoming Resistance 

Critical things most business owners or c-suite executives fail to consider when selecting an advisory firm is who will be the actual individuals working on the project, and whether or not they are the right fit.

At Argentum Ligno our focus in on four key areas:

  • People
  • Strategy
  • Execution 
  • Cash 

We only work with firms and individuals that demonstrate strong values and are the right fit. It’s critical we work with those we truly know we can help because we are purpose driven, and results matter.